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Patient Testimonials

I am grateful for the excellent and lasting results of my Invisalign treatment!  The process was simple, and I enjoyed seeing the progress throughout the treatment.  My teeth and gums are much healthier because cleaning is now so much easier!  I went through the treatment to straighten my teeth because I wanted to improve my oral health.  I go that and more – I admit it:  it is a great feeling to have a lovely smile!  Many thanks to the team at Etheridge Family Dentistry for their professionalism and supportive kindness on my journey to a healthier, prettier smile!


Susan Sturms

"I couldn't envision the improvement Dr. Ty proposed and worried about the expense. That was before. Now I am so pleased with the results and appreciative of the support provided by Dr. Ty and his staff.  My trust was verified!"  -K. Koss

K. Koss
Dr Ty has been my dentist for over 10 years. I have always considered the routine and predictable care at his office to be high quality and professional, while thoughtful.
The service for which I am most pleased, however, was the porcelain crowns I had done last year on twelve upper teeth. Due to a childhood illness my teeth had always been discolored, and I was extremely self-conscious of my smile. I went with all of his recommendations regarding shape, size and color. They look fantastic and yet natural, and I now have an open and comfortable smile for the first time.
Friends and family have noticed my behavioral change and it has altered the way I invite interaction. I would not hesitate to use him for the next similar procedure ... I could not be more pleased with the results.
Kevin M.

To Etheridge Family Dentistry --


At Etheridge Dentistry I was in need of some cosmetic surgery. My front teeth were not large enough for braces, so we asked Dr. Ty to help us. He consulted with us and found the best way to fix my teeth. After the procedure I was amazed at my new look. My teeth looked great. I am so glad I went to Etheridge Dentistry because now I have a whole new confidence about myself! Thanks Doctor Ty!

Malcolm McIntyre (age 13)

Dear Dr. Ty,

Two years ago you proposed an aggressive plan to “repair and restore” my imperfect teeth… the results of a combination of no braces, a broken and then lost front tooth, too much crowding, and many cavities that had been filed with amalgam filling over the years. Overall, my mouth was a mish-mash of various fillings, a false tooth (not matched very well), and crowded molars.

The results of the plan are unbelievable! The proof comes almost daily when family and friends remark about my new smile. It’s dazzling… and I’m so pleased.

Your staff, from the office to the hygienists, is professional and treats the client wonderfully. “Going to the dentist” at Etheridge Family Dentistry does not fit the stereotype of a trip to the dentist. While it may be possible to put lipstick on a pig, no one could ever say this about Etheridge Family Dentistry! A visit to Dr. Ty is a pleasant experience all around, even when it includes Novocain.

Keep up the great work! It’s so easy to recommend Dr. Ty to anyone who asks, “Who’s your dentist?”

Ted H

I picked Ty Etheridge to do my Dentistry as his work is always done with the utmost care and very nearly pain free. I needed to replace my two front incisor crowns as they were cracked and more then 30 yrs old. I really wanted to improve my smile and therefore I needed to improve my bite. The crowns were short and ugly. We decided on a course of braces, two crowns and two veneers with a gum resection thrown in for good measure. Both Dr Ty 's team and the office of Leone and Vaughn worked hard to schedule my appointments together around my work schedule as well as communicating with each other about the next step needed and progress.  We got the braces off in time for the Caribbean cruise where my husband proposed. The end result was wonderful.  I don't mind smiling now and am less self conscious.  Though, the part I remember the best were the chocolates Dr Ty gave me after the big procedures. Those were positively fabulous! What an incredible dentist! 

Patricia Fakharzadeh


I was not blessed with nice straight teeth. By the time I was in my early 50’s, not only were they crooked, but they were also discolored and quite badly worn from grinding at night. They not only looked bad, but my bite was causing me considerable jaw pain. I finally decided to do something about it. After some research, I made plans to have a full mouth restoration performed by Dr. Ty Etheridge. This was done over a sequence of visits.
My experience was, in a word, fantastic. But to be more precise: Dr. Etheridge was the perfect dentist. Everything that I needed to know and needed to decide upon was fully and professionally explained. When I first sat in the dental chair, I felt very reassured by knowing just what procedures were going to be performed, how it would feel, and what results to expect. The procedures were not difficult or painful for me. Dr. Etheridge was gentle and sensitive to my feelings and fears.
The results far exceed anything I could have hoped for. My previously crooked teeth appear perfectly straight. My once short, ground-down teeth are restored to their original length and my bite is perfect. The overall effect is natural and beautiful.
Jo Anne E. Bullen

The work that you and your team did for me to improve the appearance of my front teeth has, without exaggeration, been life-changing. I did not realize how self-conscious I was regarding my smile. My worn and chiseled front teeth were not only unattractive but were functionally deficient as well. Now my teeth look entirely natural and healthy and they function really well too. It is truly great to feel free to smile ‘til my heart’s content. Moreover, the care and attention I received from you and your team made the actual process easy and pleasant. I am happy and grateful for the work you have done to change my life.

David Gardiner

Awesome Job Dr Ty ! Dr Ty did my implant on my front tooth in 2007 and later he completed a upper set of Veneers. Not only did I initially get complements on my smile but my bite has improved and I can eat anything. Also my wife liked what see saw so much see is getting here full set of Veneers and a couple of implants... Job Well done Dr.Ty!

Dane Silzle

When I first saw Dr. Etheridge, I had spent many years suffering from horribly abscessed teeth. Lots of root canals, ect. My teeth were so bad that they affected my general health. Dr. Etheridge went through my mouth tooth by tooth, redoing old fillings and putting on crowns. When my teeth were healthier than they've been for years, they were still stained yellow, so he suggested putting veneers on my teeth. Ever since I had my teeth done and the veneers put on, I've felt--finally, for the first time in years--no pain in my teeth. And they look great! Dr. Etheridge has a great bedside manner and was very kind and patient with me since he knows I'm a fearful dental patient. He is the best dentist in the universe.

Dana Vitale

My hygienist was excellent (I didn't catch her name, but I think she's new!) and the best I've had since Mike left. She was very careful about not choking me with water and checking often to see how I was doing. Also, she didn't ask me questions when there were instruments in my mouth! Dr. Ty was friendly and caring as always.

Jane K

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