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"Little People Days" Kids Days

"Little People Day" Kids Day

At Etheridge Family Dentistry, we believe that starting a child out with great experiences at the dentist can create a lifelong willingness to take care of their teeth and feel more comfortable going to the dentist.  This is why we have designed "Little People Days" that are specifically for children.  There is a "Kids Cave" in the front office with fun things to do, including a play kitchen, books, small toys and a flat screen for viewing movies.

One Saturday a month we have a "Little People's Day", a special day with a given theme, (Superhero, Disco, Crazy Hat/Hair Day, Sports, etc) that is for the kids (as well as for the Etheridge Family Dentistry team!) to dress up and have fun, hand out treat bags, balloons, give prizes, watch movies and more!

Disco Dr. Ty

Children are always welcome to be scheduled on the regular business days if you are unable to come on a "Little People Day".

Kids bring a wonderful dynamic element to the the practice and we thoroughly enjoy when they visit.  View our upcoming "Little People Day" dates below and call to schedule an appointment. The demand for a Saturday appointment is evident by how fast they fill up, so please do not wait,  give a call to see what all the fun is about.  


  • Please call to see what "Little People Day"  is coming up and of course the theme for the day.

Please call our office today at 206-323-0990 or you may email us at to request an appointment.