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Tooth Decay/Shark Teeth

Tooth Decay/Shark Teeth


When things go right, baby teeth fall out on their own without any special attention. The permanent teeth, which lie right below the gums, come in directly underneath the baby teeth. As the permanent teeth grow in, the roots of the baby teeth dissolve away, causing them to loosen and eventually fall out.

Sometimes, permanent teeth don’t come in directly under the baby teeth. As a result, the roots of the baby teeth remain strong and fail to dissolve as they should. Other times, the baby teeth become loose, but not loose enough to fall out on their own. In these cases, the permanent and baby teeth end up sitting side-by-side, and we must remove the remaining baby tooth.

Likewise, if crowding is likely to occur while baby teeth are being replaced by permanent teeth, then some baby teeth may have to be extracted. These planned extractions should create enough space for the permanent teeth to erupt into and allow them to be properly aligned. The extractions may avoid the future need for complicated orthodontic treatment.

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