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General Dentistry

Comprehensive Family Care in a Comfortable and Relaxed Setting


General Dentistry is a composition of all aspects of dentistry, which allows each clinician the ability to encompass and embrace a myriad of procedures and treatment options within their practice.  As a general dentist, Dr. Ty Etheridge can create and execute treatment plans utilizing his knowledge in many different fields.  For each patient, there are different challenges, needs and desires and there can be times when a Specialist is required to help the patient acheive their goals. If and when collaborative efforts are required, Dr Ty will act as your liaison before, during and after treatment to facilitate and achieve the best possible outcome. Dr Ty expresses his commitment and enthusiasm for the patient by treating their care with an interdisciplinary approach, giving the patient the best opportunity to improve their oral health and surpass their expectations.

We recognize that most people, both children and adults, don't always look forward to seeing the dentist. Dr Ty Etheridge has designed his office to be a beautiful and tranquil place that can make you feel relaxed while at the dental office.   This starts with our investment in the latest technology, which helps us better diagnose and treat dental problems, while keeping you as comfortable as possible. We offer digital x-rays that expose you to 90-percent less radiation. We also use intraoral magnification and computer imaging systems, which allow the tiniest details to be seen and captured, as well as the most innovative laser and computer technology. And we also use the most modern materials, for more natural, longer-lasting results. During your visit you, can watch movies from Netflix, listen to music on Pandora or choose from our great selection of movies on DVD. We even host monthly Kids Days, featuring costumes, educational games, and prizes to help children develop a positive attitude toward dental visits and healthy habits for life.


Please call our office today at 206-323-0990 or you may email us at to request an appointment.