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Patient Testimonails

We recomend Dr. Etheridge. My kids and I see him and I just took my mom in to see him to get a third opinion on dental implants. Not only was he able to deal with some immediate issues (broken crown and broken tooth), his proposed plan was much more conservative in terms of saving healthy teeth, his estimate was much lower, he didn't want all the money up front (do people actually do that?) and he made my mother feel safe and well-cared for (PRICELESS.)

Renee, Arboretum
Dr Ty has been my dentist for over 10 years. I have always considered the routine and predictable care at his office to be high quality and professional, while thoughtful.
The service for which I am most pleased, however, was the porcelain crowns I had done last year on twelve upper teeth. Due to a childhood illness my teeth had always been discolored, and I was extremely self-conscious of my smile. I went with all of his recommendations regarding shape, size and color. They look fantastic and yet natural, and I now have an open and comfortable smile for the first time.
Friends and family have noticed my behavioral change and it has altered the way I invite interaction. I would not hesitate to use him for the next similar procedure ... I could not be more pleased with the results.
Kevin M.

Dear Dr. Ty,

Two years ago you proposed an aggressive plan to “repair and restore” my imperfect teeth… the results of a combination of no braces, a broken and then lost front tooth, too much crowding, and many cavities that had been filed with amalgam filling over the years. Overall, my mouth was a mish-mash of various fillings, a false tooth (not matched very well), and crowded molars.

The results of the plan are unbelievable! The proof comes almost daily when family and friends remark about my new smile. It’s dazzling… and I’m so pleased.

Your staff, from the office to the hygienists, is professional and treats the client wonderfully. “Going to the dentist” at Etheridge Family Dentistry does not fit the stereotype of a trip to the dentist. While it may be possible to put lipstick on a pig, no one could ever say this about Etheridge Family Dentistry! A visit to Dr. Ty is a pleasant experience all around, even when it includes Novocain.

Keep up the great work! It’s so easy to recommend Dr. Ty to anyone who asks, “Who’s your dentist?”

Ted H

After being dissatisfied with the smile I was seeing in pictures, I met with Dr Ty who encouraged me to use invisalign. After the first couple trays it was so encouraging to see my teeth and gum line moving, it happens fast! I made sure to wear my trays as often as I could and was thrilled with the quick and totally painless results. Having had the other kind of braces when I was younger, these are certainly the better way to go! I can't stop smiling! Thank you!



First, I have to say that in five years at Etheridge Family Dentistry, I've never felt any real pain--and that's through multiple procedures!
I've gone for regular cleanings, always with friendly and thorough hygienists.
I finally went ahead with Invisalign after a migrating tooth started affecting other teeth. EFD has checked in regularly as I've gone through the braces and now just retainers, with Dr. Ty stopping by at some point in every appointment (hygiene included) to look over my progress.
The biggest procedure I've had was long-awaited implants. I've known since I was young that I would have to make up for two inherited missing adult teeth, and with Dr. Ty I decided to finally do it. He took his time in getting the right software to model the exact placement of the rods into my jaw, explained what current implant technology looks like and why he chose the type he did, brought in another expert to consult as they performed the actual implant, helped me choose the color for the crown so it would look like my other teeth, and is still checking on it to make sure it's well situated, which it has been. Again, no real pain, easy healing, and minimal interruption in my life. After all those years knowing I'd have to get this procedure done, I'm tremendously relieved it's gone as smoothly as it has.
Etheridge Family Dentistry's front desk staff recognizes patients and is accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments and follow-ups. I can't recommend the practice or Dr. Ty highly enough!
Robin K

After a full examination of mouth and neck, Dr. Ty mentioned he could feel that my thyroid was slightly enlarged. I followed up with my family physician, and sure enough, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I had just attributed the exhaustion of the thyroiditis symptoms to having a new baby. So without the thoroughness of his exam, I wouldn't have even known there was a problem that could easily be treated and made me feel so much better. In the three years since then, Dr. Ty and his staff have kept my teeth clean, repaired fillings and placed a new crown - I've been very happy with Dr. Ty's care!


We were already loyal clients of Etheridge Family Dentistry, but then it happened. My 6-year-old son had a playground accident one recent Friday. Yes, his mouth collided with the back of a classmate's head. Ouch. After lots of tears, some blood and a lengthy visit to the school nurse, it was clear that one of his teeth was not in the best shape. What to do? There was only one thing to do - call Dr. Ty! After leaving an after-hours voicemail, I received a call back from Dr. Ty within ten minutes. He asked me if I could send him a photo of my son's mouth and, once my iPhone obliged his request, he was immediately able to tell that the tooth was past the point of no return. He also assured this nervous dad that, no, it wasn't one of my son's brand new adult teeth.

Dr. Ty asked us if we could swing by the next morning for an emergency extraction. Of course that Saturday his office was officially closed. And he had weekend plans with out-of-town guests. But as promised, he called us after breakfast to let us know we could head over to his office. While my son was pretty darn excited to see his favorite doctor, he was also apprehensive about the extraction. When we arrived at the office, Dr. Ty immediately put my son at ease. Then he sat down to do the work and, before my son even knew it or felt it, the tooth was out. My son was amazed that he hadn't even felt it coming out. He also was thrilled that he got to pick a treasure out of the famous treasure chest behind the front desk.
In an age when good client service is expected, kindness and generosity are not always assumed. What Dr. Ty did for us that weekend was amazing. He took the time to call us, review the data to make an informed decision, interrupt his personal life to care for an injured kid, open up shop on a Saturday despite having plans, calm a jittery parent, perform a flawless procedure, and send two clients away happier and more hopeful for the experience. He was at once a professional, a healer, a regular guy and a concerned fellow parent. He turned a painful situation into a very positive one, all through the sheer force of - yes - his kindness and his generosity. Thank you Dr Ty!
We found Ty Etheridge four years ago when we were looking for a pediatric dentist for our two young children. They were nervous about going to the dentist, and we wanted to find someone who could put them at ease. Dr. Ty is that, and more. He has been kind, gentle, and welcoming with our kids, and has provided exceptional dental care. His office and staff are amazing, and my kids now ask when they can go back to Dr. Ty’s! He has been so good, my wife and I now see Dr. Ty as well, and we would never consider going to another dentist. We have sent several friends to see Dr. Ty, and everyone loves him and his practice. I can’t recommend Ty Etheridge highly enough!
Christopher King

Dr Etheridge and Staff- Just a note to say my dentist apointment today was actually enjoyable! Denatl work with no pain and a nice staff. Thank you!

Sue G.

Our son's permanent tooth was injured in a playground collision. Dr Ty was responsive, gentle, friendly, full of solutions, and made the scary day not so traumatic for everyone involved. He is amazing for routine visits, cosmetic dentistry and emergency situations. I highly recommend their entire office.

Gavin H

QUALITY: While other dentists were doing a superficial cleaning and calling it good, they identified that I need a deeper treatment and saved my gums. PERSONABLE: Dr. Ty follows up after every surgery (anything beyond a cleaning). BEAUTIFUL: The interior design is worthy of an Architectural Digest feature and is aligned with the care they put into the interior design of their customer's mouths.

Char E

Our whole family has been going to Dr. Ty for several years.  My kids are so happy to go to the dentist.  they have always been kind, patient and understanding with the kids!  i am a very anxious patient and everyone in the office has gone out of their way to help make me comfortable.  There have been several times I have needed help and advice outside of office hours, and Dr. Ty has always gone over the top to help us out (one time calling me mid-way through his run to tell me he would meet us at the office to help out my daughter who had chipped her tooth)!  He is an excellent dentist and the entire staff is superb!

Leslie R

Dr. Etheridge has always gone above and beyond in his service to our family and several people that we've referred to him. His staff is friendly and the office is warm and inviting. He also caught the need for our youngest to have her tonsils looked at and referred us to a wonderful specialist, Alice Kuntz, at Bellevue Ear Nost and Throat. We have had a great experience with their office and will continue to use Dr. Etheridge for our families' dental care.

Kristi Jenkins

When I first saw Dr. Etheridge, I had spent many years suffering from horribly abscessed teeth. Lots of root canals, ect. My teeth were so bad that they affected my general health. Dr. Etheridge went through my mouth tooth by tooth, redoing old fillings and putting on crowns. When my teeth were healthier than they've been for years, they were still stained yellow, so he suggested putting veneers on my teeth. Ever since I had my teeth done and the veneers put on, I've felt--finally, for the first time in years--no pain in my teeth. And they look great! Dr. Etheridge has a great bedside manner and was very kind and patient with me since he knows I'm a fearful dental patient. He is the best dentist in the universe.

Dana Vitale

Super impressed with Dr Ty and his staff - he's embarking on sorting out some bad dental work done by another dentist in town and his honesty, approach and work are just great.

Debbie W

My wife and I go to Etheridge Family Dentistry regularly.  Dr. Etheridge and staff are very professional.  We don't have a lot of dental problems at this point, so it's mostly cleanings and an occasional filling.  We both feel that we aren't going to be having dental problems because we are so well looked-after. Great looking office, too.  We don't have kids, but the office has a place for the kids to play, so they must be pretty good with them. Highly recommended.

Joann B

I must say, at my age and having many experiences over the years, I have had the best care possible and so pleased with all the results. The care taken by Dr. Ty and his staff has been the best. Because of his knowledgeable instruction on daily care, his excellent job, my mouth is in its best heal ever. Also because of his suggestion to try the invisalign braces (clear) I also have the best smile of my life and it truly has mad a difference in my confidence. I think the added bonus has been that it makes me feel like I don't show my age so much. That is important when you are approaching 70. You can certainly tell he cares what he is doing and loves his profession. The office and the environment is a warm and inviting place to be.

Alice C

I highly recommend Dr. Ty. He and the staff are extremely kind, thoughtful and very thorough. Frankly it's the best dentist experience I've ever had.

Chandler H

While playing at a friend's house one Sunday evening our 2 1/2 year old daughter fell and chipped her front tooth. Immediately, we called the emergency number and left a message. The friends we were with joked about the likelihood of us hearing back on a weekend, but within 5 minutes, Dr. Ty returned our call. He listened to our story, calmed us down, and kindly offered to meet us the next morning, even though the office is closed on Mondays. He was patient, understood our daughter's nervousness, explained to her what he was doing, and fixed her tooth! We are grateful to have Dr. Ty as our family dentist, not only because he is responsive during emergencies, but also because he understands how to work with children and make their visit a positive experience.

Laura Baker

I've always had a slight and impractical fear of the dentist; I realized that this was mostly due to the way I was treated as a person. I don't have a very good dental record and have needed several fillings and I always felt like I was being rushed through a cold, heartless system. Thankfully, Etheridge Family Dentistry is nothing like that! I popped in here having no idea of what it would be like. I came out shocked at how well the staff treated me. Everyone I interacted with was helpful, warm and friendly. The nurse and Dr. Ty made me feel more comfortable than I've ever felt at the dentist office. Dr. Ty was very thorough and honest about my dental situation and made sure to go through all the images and scans of my mouth in order to help me understand exactly what is going on. Part of what makes this a great place is the atmosphere; it's kind of zen-like. Soft lighting and a comfy dental chair make the experience easier. They even offer a great movie selection for you when having a longer cleaning or other work done. (Die Hard got me through my first cleaning). I've been here for several follow ups and have received the same great treatment each time. I highly recommend this place. Just be sure to arrive a little earlier since it can be tough to find parking in the area.

Tim R

What do you look for in a dentist ? Skill, personality, price ? Our family chose Dr. Ty Etheridge based on the most sublime of characteristics and trust. We met a number of years ago when my son was hit in the mouth by a baseball. After visiting the emergency room we were referred to Dr. Ty at 10:00PM in the evening. After a phone call he met us in his office, evaluated my son’s injury and proposed a course of treatment, that I believe saved my son’s middle tooth. He handled a very stressful situation with compassion, patience and confidence. His follow up care and concern was extraordinary, especially in this day of conveyor belt healthcare. Four years later our entire family is in good hands with Dr Ty.

W Kilbourne

Dr. Ty Etheridge is a 5 star chef of dentistry. I had an accident on a Sunday where my front tooth got knocked out. A friend of mine recommended him and called on my behalf to get an appointment, and he squeezed me in the next day! Not to mention, he returned her call from his personal phone, at the airport, on his way home from a trip. Ty is very skilled and thorough, taking care to explain the procedure and the reasoning behind his recommendations. I can tell that he's honest, making my well being the priority. During my first visit he matched the color and size of my tooth to create a temporary cap so I could leave the office that day with a tooth. He did such a good job, none of my friends can tell I have a fake tooth, and neither can I. Ty and his staff are down to earth and personable. They make the extra effort to create an enjoyable, calm atmosphere. The office is tastefully decorated, I had the option to watch a movie while in the chair, and the bathroom even had individual clean cloth towels to dry my hands with! I was pretty nervous about the whole situation because I didn't have health insurance at the time. Fortunately his office takes Care Credit, a medical specific credit card with 0 interest if you pay it off in the first year. I've had great dentists but Ty goes above and beyond. I speak from my own experience and from the rave reviews of my friends who have gone to him for everything from regular cleaning to replacing entire teeth.

Kelly B

A few years ago Dr. Ty was referred to me by a friend. I was dealing with a number of issues. I had an overbite, some crooked teeth, a tooth that had never been replaced by a permanent tooth and two permanent teeth that had been removed when I was young which were now creating issues for the the teeth on either side collapsing. It was all a little overwhelming. When I went to see Dr. Ty he was amazing! He took the time to explain what my options were and didn't make me feel like I had to decide right away. What sets Dr. Ty apart from others is that he really cares about doing what works best for each individual. I couldn't be happier with the results. I constantly get compliments on how great my teeth look. My only regret is not getting it done sooner!


I'm writing this review to say that Dr. Etheridge is an excellent dentist for myself, my wife and 4 year old daughter. We've been coming to see him for nearly four years and have always had terrific service and consultation. He stands by his work and the staff is friendly and professional.

I recently have undergone Invisalign treatment with Dr. Ty. I am nearing the end of the treatment and my teeth look fantastic. He's also taken extra care to make sure the outcome is exactly as it should be.
Sean H

Amazing! Before getting started, the hygienist explained everything to my 2 year-old, let her touch, smell, and watch everything first. She made sure she was comfortable with all the tools and what was going to happen, then was able to clean every tooth! No fussing, no tears, and it was super quick. The video was a big help in distracting her too. I was really astonished. After such a good cleaning, my daughter got to play with the play kitchen in the waiting area. An overall great experience, and I highly recommend EFD to anyone with young children seeking a dentist.


My experiences with Dr. Ty Etheridge and his staff are always amazing. The quality of the work is superb and it has been the best dental experience I have ever had.

Julie R


Always kind and professional - always know I am getting great care - even to an evening follow-up call!

Geraldine H

My 3-yr-old daughter LOVES the play area in the waiting room, the reception is polite and helpful, the hygienists explained all the instruments in a way she understood and let her touch and play with them to develop a level of comfort before they used them to clean her teeth. They seemed very up-to-date with technology, Dr. Etheridge has a great bedside manner and was great with my daughter. He explained everything to me as well--I would HIGHLY recommend this office for pediatric and/or adult dental care.

Eleanor N

My hygienist was excellent (I didn't catch her name, but I think she's new!) and the best I've had since Mike left. She was very careful about not choking me with water and checking often to see how I was doing. Also, she didn't ask me questions when there were instruments in my mouth! Dr. Ty was friendly and caring as always.

Jane K


In the middle of my 4th month of my first pregnancy and after one year of having my braces, a buildup of plaque have weakened my gums and caused an uncomfortable infection. Unfortunately, severe gum infections lead to serious complications during pregnancy including miscarriage, pre-term labor, and low birth weight. Dr. Etheridge and his knowledgeable staff have given me truly exceptional care by keeping his clinic open an extra 3 hours for a cleaning and for providing me with the knowledge and tools to keep my gums healthy. As an ICU RN, never have I ever been experienced such exceptional care by a team of health care professionals. I wish there were words of things I can do to express my gratitude to Dr. Ty and his amazing team. They did more than just meet my basic dental needs but also helped to protect my baby. Thank you so much for all you do.

Zheryl B

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