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Patient Testimonials

I am grateful for the excellent and lasting results of my Invisalign treatment!  The process was simple, and I enjoyed seeing the progress throughout the treatment.  My teeth and gums are much healthier because cleaning is now so much easier!  I went through the treatment to straighten my teeth because I wanted to improve my oral health.  I go that and more – I admit it:  it is a great feeling to have a lovely smile!  Many thanks to the team at Etheridge Family Dentistry for their professionalism and supportive kindness on my journey to a healthier, prettier smile!


Susan Sturms

After being dissatisfied with the smile I was seeing in pictures, I met with Dr Ty who encouraged me to use invisalign. After the first couple trays it was so encouraging to see my teeth and gum line moving, it happens fast! I made sure to wear my trays as often as I could and was thrilled with the quick and totally painless results. Having had the other kind of braces when I was younger, these are certainly the better way to go! I can't stop smiling! Thank you!


I highly recommend Etheridge Family Dentistry to anyone. He and his team are great"I was never happy with my teeth but didn't want the hassle or embarrassment of having braces as an adult so Invisalign was a perfect option for me. Dr. Ty was able to completely transform my teeth while still giving me very natural results.  I love my new smile!"

Our family has been going to Dr. Ty for years. During that time he has been a fantastic provider of both dental and orthodontic care. He has helped us with a number of orthodontic procedures, including the replacement of multiple crowns, and a full course of Invisalign braces. Throughout it all, he has been professional, caring, and supportive, and his work has been top-notch. He truly values the aesthetics of dentistry, and really pours his heart into making everything perfect. Our teeth have never looked better! If you are looking for a dentist to provide orthodontic care, you won’t find one better than Dr. Ty.
Tina Burns

I'm writing this review to say that Dr. Etheridge is an excellent dentist for myself, my wife and 4 year old daughter. We've been coming to see him for nearly four years and have always had terrific service and consultation. He stands by his work and the staff is friendly and professional.

I recently have undergone Invisalign treatment with Dr. Ty. I am nearing the end of the treatment and my teeth look fantastic. He's also taken extra care to make sure the outcome is exactly as it should be.
Sean H

Dr. Etheridge, I wanted to express my appreciation for all you patients in working with me regarding the invisalign. Waiting the one year for you to open your new practice was worth it. I hope you feel as satisfied as I do considering both Invisalign and a local orthodontist both stated I would need conventional braces. The before and after pictures speak for themselves! Please left the staff know they were great during the whole process. Please feel free to use my pictures for anyone considering this procedure.

Lee Atkins

I then knew I would give it a try. It was some effort to get used to the trays but it was easy to keep them in and they became very comfortable. Soon, I was looking forward to next tray because I was excited and pleased with seeing my teeth change. After 2.5 years my smile is terrific! My teeth are straighter, my smile is more even and now I don't hold back when I smile.

Karen Grudier

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